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Edward Gorey
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Alvaro Sanchez


Bill Winchester - “language” in young (via thee-bambi)

"young" a collection of poetry by Bill Winchester (brightlightsloudnoises) on Amazon.com 

(via brightlightsloudnoises)

"The Girl Who Solved All Of Her Problems"
There once was a sad girl who had problems every day :’-(Too many annoying people, each trying to have their sayShe was sick of all the bastards, so she prayed for a solutionAnd God finally replied, “why not try a mass execution?”
"It just might work!" thought the girl, "I can at least give it a try"So she got her best machete, and made a list of those to die.She caught ‘em by surprise, killing them sleeping in their bedsAnd the girl amassed a great collection, of all their severed heads.
The brave go-getter girl slashed her way to a better lifeAs there’s nuthin’ that can’t be fixed with the serrated blade of a knifeAfter decapitating all her problems, the girl is happier than she’s ever beenAnd she lived happily ever after… with no problems ever again. :’-)
(Starring the nice lady from thatonecreepygirl.tumblr.com!)
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John Henry Fuseli, The Nightmare, 1781
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Canvas  by  andbamnan